What's the Difference Between HubSpot CMS Starter, Pro & Enterprise?

With the announcement of HubSpot CMS Start at only $25/month, we've had a few clients ask "what's the catch?" Is this low price too good to be true?

It's not! You really can get the benefits of HubSpot CMS for less than you're currently paying to have a WordPress website. We've already compared HubSpot vs WordPress CMS, now let's compare the different versions of HubSpot CMS and what the features/limitations are for each. 

The Difference Between HubSpot CMS, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise

Here's a chart comparing what you will get from HubSpot CMS Starter, Professional and Enterprise:


 All free tools pink-check blue-check black-check
 Drag-and-drop editor pink-check blue-check black-check
 Mobile optimization pink-check blue-check black-check
 Standard SSL certificate pink-check blue-check black-check
 Design manager pink-check blue-check black-check
 Custom domains pink-check blue-check black-check
Subdomain and country-code top-level domain availability pink-checkOne subdomain and one CCTDL on 1 root domain blue-checkUnlimited subdomains and CCTLDs on 1 root domain black-check
Unlisted subdomains and CCTLDs on up to 10 root domains
 99.99% measured uptime
pink-check blue-check black-check
 Content Delivery Network (CDN) pink-check blue-check black-check
 Built-in AMP support for blogs pink-check blue-check black-check
 Website themes pink-check blue-check black-check
App and asset marketplace


Compatible apps and themes

blue-checkCompatible apps, themes, templates, and modules black-check
Compatible apps, themes, templates, and modules
 Local website development pink-check blue-check black-check
 Advanced menus  pink-check blue-check black-check
 Facebook Messenger integration Lead capture and chat volume reporting. Lead capture, advanced reporting, and advanced Messenger bot branching. Lead capture, advanced reporting, advanced Messenger bot branching, and custom bot actions through code snippets.
Live chat pink-check blue-check black-check
Basic bots


Limited features


Additional features


Additional features

 Site export pink-check blue-check black-check
 Website structure import pink-check blue-check black-check
 Blog import pink-check blue-check black-check
 URL mapping pink-check blue-check black-check
 24/7 security monitoring & threat detection pink-check blue-check black-check
 HubSpot mobile app pink-check blue-check black-check
Email marketing pink-check2,000 email sends per calendar month blue-check2,000 email sends per calendar month black-check
2,000 email sends per calendar month
Forms pink-check blue-check black-check
Form follow-up emails pink-checkUp to 3 automated emails per form blue-checkUp to 3 automated emails per form black-check
Up to 3 automated emails per form
Ad management pink-checkAll available ad types
2 contact and company list audiences
blue-checkAll available ad types
5 audiences
All available ad types
15 audiences
List segmentation Up to 5 active lists and 1,000 static lists Up to 5 active lists and 1,000 static lists Up to 5 active lists and 1,000 static lists
1:1 technical support pink-checkEmail an in-app chat support blue-checkEmail, in-app chat, and phone support black-check
Email, in-app chat, and phone support
Blog pink-check1 blog
(unlimited posts)
blue-checkUp to 100 blogs
(unlimited posts)
Up to 100 blogs
(unlimited posts)
Reporting dashboard pink-check10 dashboards,
10 reports per dashboard
blue-check25 dashboards,
30 reports per dashboard
50 dashboards,
30 reports per dashboard
Website traffic analytics Standard web analytics dashboard Customizable website traffic analytics Customizable website traffic analytics
Website pages pink-check15 pages
(excluding blog posts and landing pages). Does not include dynamic content. 
blue-check10,000 pages
(excluding blog posts and landing pages). Includes dynamic content. 
10,000 pages
(excluding blog posts and landing pages). Includes dynamic content.
 Landing pages pink-checkLimited features blue-checkLimited features black-check
Additional features
 Shared inbox pink-checkLimited to 1 inbox blue-checkUp to 100 inboxes black-check
Up to 100 inboxes
 Multi-language content creation and testing  pink-checkMulti-language content creation only. Multi-language variations count toward overall page limit.  blue-checkTest 2 page versions with A/B testing black-check
Test 2 page versions with A/B testing, or up to 5 pages versions with Adaptive testing. 
Multiple currencies Up to 5 currencies Up to 30 currencies Up to 200 currencies
Payments pink-check blue-check black-check
Custom domain security settings pink-check blue-check black-check
 Calls-to-action (CTAs)   blue-check black-check
 Dynamic personalization   Limited features Additional features
 Record customization   Limited features Additional features
 Standard contact scoring   5 scoring properties, not additive across objects or hubs 25 scoring properties, not additive across objects or hubs
 Calculated properties   5 calculated properties 200 calculated properties
 Contact create attribution   Track up to 10,000 logged contact interactions Track up to 10,000 tracked contact interactions
 Content staging   blue-check black-check
 Google Search Console integration   blue-check black-check
 Products   blue-check black-check
 Video hosting & management  


Up to 250 videos


Up to 250 videos

 Password-protected pages

  blue-check black-check
 SEO recommendations & optimizations   blue-check black-check
 Content strategy   blue-check black-check
 A/B testing   blue-check black-check
 Custom reporting   blue-checkUp to 100 custom reports black-check
Up to 500 custom reports
Filtered analytics view   Up to 25 filtered analytics views Up to 50 filtered analytics views
 Teams   Up to 10 teams black-check
Up to 300 teams + hierarchical teams
 Logged-in visitor identification   blue-check black-check
 Salesforce integration   blue-check1,000 field mappings
10,000 Salesforce owners
1 account
1,000 field mappings
10,000 Salesforce owners
1 account
 Site tree   blue-check black-check
Duplicate management    blue-check black-check
Permission sets   Default permission sets only Customize and save your own permission sets
Custom Objects     black-check
Up to 10 object definitions, 500,000 records
 Salesforce custom objects sync     black-check
Map up to 10 custom objects per account
 User roles     black-check
 Memberships     black-check
 Additional root domains     black-check
Code alerts     black-check
Content partitioning     black-check
Reverse proxy configuration     black-check
Site performance monitoring     black-check
Activity logging     black-check
Single sign-on     black-check
Hierarchical teams     black-check
Up to 300 teams
Web apps     black-check
Field-level permissions     black-check
Admin. notifications management     black-check
Log in as another user    




One sandbox per account


Let's walk through these different items so it's clear what you're getting and what you aren't with each of the different HubSpot CMS packages. 

What's included in all HubSpot CMS levels

Design Manager Tools & Drag & Drop Editor

There is no need to know code to build, edit, and customize your website. While a HubSpot developer will be able to customize your theme exactly how you like it, you'll be amazed at how much you'll be able to do yourself. 

If you do want to flex your HubSpot CMS customization, the design manager tools will help you do just that. 

Can You REALLY Customize HubSpot CMS?

Yes! And the results are amazing! We've recently won the HubSpot Impact Award for Best HubSpot Web Design in LATAM. Read the case study!

2021-03-23_10-31-25 (1)

Mobile Optimization

HubSpot CMS shows you exactly how your website is going to look on mobile, tablet and desktop screens. Built-in code responsiveness helps ensure a better mobile experience for your visitors. 

Standard SSL Certificate

You'd have to pay for this if you're hosting on your own servers or hosting another CMS on GoDaddy or other hosting providers. Not only is your SSL certificate included with HubSpot CMS, but it automatically renews so you don't have to remember to renew it each year. 

Custom Domains & Subdomains

You're not limited to using a HubSpot domain, even with the cheap starter CMS edition. You can host your content on your own domain name. 

Limitations on Custom Domains by CMS Level

  • HubSpot CMS Starter allows you to have one subdomain and one CCTLD on one root domain
  • HubSpot CMS Pro allows you to have unlimited subdomains and CCTLDs on one root domain
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise allows you to have unlimited subdomains and CCTLDs on up to 10 root domains

Security, Uptime & Maintenance

You don't need to worry that your site is going to go down or get hacked -- HubSpot's team is actively monitoring the situation and is working diligently to keep your site safe and keep it online. With 99.99% measured uptime, it's a rare occurrence to experience site outages.  

All hosted content is backed by a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) so your content is delivered quickly and with less latency around the globe.

HubSpot Website Audit Tool

Built-in AMP Support for Blogs

Get built-in Google AMP support for all blog content to help ensure a good mobile experience and SEO. 

Is your AMP content working for you? Here's how to Track & Measure AMP Performance on HubSpot.

Website Themes

Pick a theme to easily change the look and feel of your entire site globally, out-of-the-box. Download a theme that works for you from the HubSpot Marketplace. 

Or, if you'd like a custom HubSpot website design, your developers can design a theme folder of pre-built modules, styles, and layouts or use the HubSpot Design tools to build custom modules to keep your website consistent and on-brand at all times. 

Local Website Development

Develop on HubSpot using the tools, technologies, and workflows you prefer. Use tools like GitHub or popular front-end frameworks to handle version control.

Facebook Messenger Integration

Automatically capture contact information, have two-way communications with your audience, create chatbots, and report on chat volume through Facebook Messenger.

Messenger integration features by CMS level:

  • HubSpot CMS Starter: Includes lead capture and chat volume reporting.
  • HubSpot CMS Professional: Includes lead capture, advanced reporting, and advanced Messenger bot branching.
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise: Includes lead capture, advanced reporting, advanced Messenger bot branching, and custom bot actions through code snippets.

Website Export & Import Tools

Export your entire site in an HTML file to use where you need it. You can also import the URL, title, and meta description for each of your external pages into HubSpot which is very helpful for a website migration. Moving a blog? No problem. You can import your blog content from another platform into HubSpot. 

Redirect Tools

Once your domain is set, you can add in redirects for any page or blog on that domain to another URL. 

Website Pages, Landing Pages & Blogs

While you can use website pages, landing pages and blogs with all levels of HubSpot CMS, there are different allowances for each. 

HubSpot CMS Website Page Limits

  • HubSpot CMS Starter is limited to 15 website pages and does not include any dynamic content. 
  • HubSpot CMS Professional is limited to 10,000 website pages and does include dynamic content.
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise is limited to 10,000 website pages and does include dynamic content.

HubSpot CMS Landing Page Limits

  • HubSpot CMS Starter allows up to 20 landing pages with HubSpot branding. Simple templates only. Does not include custom domains.
  • HubSpot CMS Professional allows up to 10,000 landing pages without HubSpot branding. Includes custom domains and templates, smart content, design manager, and A/B testing.
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise allows up to 10,000 landing pages without HubSpot branding. Includes custom domains and templates, smart content, design manager, A/B testing, and adaptive testing options.

HubSpot CMS Blog Limits

  • HubSpot CMS Starter allows one blog on the same subdomain as your site. 
  • HubSpot CMS Professional allows up to 100 blogs on unlimited subdomains.
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise allows up to 100 blogs on unlimited subdomains. 

Multi-Language Content Creation & Testing

In-language variants of a specific page will automatically be associated together, making your content easier to manage as you scale. Once created, easily run tests on your multi-language content to optimize performance. There are limitations on this content depending on your CMS subscription level:

  • HubSpot CMS Starter allows multi-language content creation only. Muti-language variants count toward overall page limit (15 page limit).
  • HubSpot CMS Professional allows you to test 2 page variations with A/B testing. 
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise allows you to test 2 page versions with A/B testing, or up to 5 page versions with Adaptive testing (learn more about HubSpot's adaptive testing)

Email Marketing 

With HubSpot CMS you can send 2,000 emails per calendar month, regardless of your CMS subscription level. If you want to send more than that you'll want to look at purchasing HubSpot Marketing

Live Chat & Conversational Bots

Live chat is available in all levels of HubSpot CMS. You can scale live chat even further by using bots to qualify leads, collect and store contact data, book meetings, and send leads to the right salesperson.

  • HubSpot CMS Starter: Includes ticket creation, lead qualification, and meeting booking bots.
  • HubSpot CMS Professional: Includes ticket creation, lead qualification, meeting booking bots, custom branching logic, and advanced targeting.
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise: Includes ticket creation, support, lead qualification, and meeting booking bots, plus custom branching logic and advanced targeting.

Ad Management

Ad management tools are available in all levels of HubSpot CMS, with the following restrictions:

  • Limit of two connected accounts
  • Ad spend limit of $1,000 per 30 days

Audience lists are limited to:

  • HubSpot CMS Starter: 2 contact and company list audiences
  • HubSpot CMS Professional: 5 audiences
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise: 15 audiences

MH1_Attract Attention

HubSpot Forms

Collect contact data and build your database! 

  • HubSpot CMS Starter: Includes standalone, pop-up, embedded, and collected forms, GDPR options, custom styling, and custom email validation.
  • HubSpot CMS Professional: Includes everything in Starter, plus code customizations, dependent fields, smart fields, and custom targeting.
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise: Includes everything in Professional.

Regardless of your CMS level, you can send up to 3 automated emails per form. 

Shared Inbox

All plans allow your live chats, support or sales emails, form submissions, and more come into one centralized inbox.

  • HubSpot CMS Starter gives you one inbox.
  • HubSpot CMS Pro gives you up to 100 inboxes.
  • HubSpot CMS Starter gives you up to 100 inboxes.

Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

All levels will give you some basic reports. Professional and Enterprise CMS give you even more flexibility to create custom reports:

  • HubSpot CMS Starter standard web analytics dashboard, without the ability to create custom reports. Limit of 10 dashboards and 10 reports per dashboard. 
  • HubSpot CMS Professional customizable website traffic analytics, with up to 25 filtered analytics views, and 100 custom reports. Limit of 25 dashboards and 30 reports per dashboard. 
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise customizable website traffic analytics, with up to 50 filtered analytics views, and 500 custom reports. Limit of 50 dashboards and 30 reports per dashboard. 

Contact List Segmentation

You can create up to 5 active lists and 1,000 static lists with your HubSpot CMS account (same for all levels). 

Multiple Currencies

Create deals and quotes in multiple currencies. 

  • HubSpot CMS Starter allows up to 5 currencies.  
  • HubSpot CMS Professional allows up to 30 currencies.  
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise allows up to 200 currencies.  

Email & In-App Support

Having an issue with your HubSpot portal? A question you need answered? No problem! You can contact HubSpot Support via email the "Help" button that you see in your HubSpot portal. 

Custom Domain Security Settings

Allow your IT teams to manage the security of your HubSpot hosted content, dictating how external visitors access your website for maximum protection.

HubSpot Payments

Easily accept payments via your website with HubSpot Payments, for both one-time and recurring payment links and quote integrations. There are fees to use HubSpot Payments, which you can find here

*HubSpot Payments is currently only available for HubSpot customers located in the U.S. with a U.S. bank account. 

Additional Benefits with HubSpot CMS Professional

Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Build personalized call-to-action buttons that guide visitors toward key conversion points on your website. Optimize with A/B testing to determine best performing variations, track visitor actions across multiple pages, and add smart personalization. CTAs are included in HubSpot CMS Pro & Enterprise but are NOT included in Starter. 

Contact Us

Example of a HubSpot CTA

Dynamic Personalization

Create personalized experiences with dynamic content across channels powered by HubDB tables, CRM objects, programmable content, and more.

  • HubSpot CMS Professional: Includes smart content, HubDB, and standard CRM object dynamic content.
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise: Includes smart content, HubDB, standard CRM object dynamic content, and custom object CRM dynamic content.

Record Customization

Match your contact, company, deal, and ticket records to your team's needs by creating custom layouts. These CRM customizations are vital if you have your team managing contacts throughout their contact lifecycle in HubSpot. 

  • HubSpot CMS Professional: Add additional sections to your contact, company, deal, and ticket record layouts. Up to 20 custom views per object type.
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise: Create conditional layouts based on team, pipeline, and more. Up to 20 custom views per object type.

Standard Contact, Deal & Company Scoring

Create rules-based scoring criteria for your contacts. Use your scores to segment lists, trigger automation, and more. CMS Pro gives you 5 scoring properties for contacts and 5 for Deals & Companies. CMS Enterprise gives you 25 scoring properties. 

Calculated Properties

Create fields that roll up data from other fields. Calculate things like commissions and splits. You can have up to 5 calculated properties in CMS Pro and 200 calculated properties in CMS Enterprise.

Content Staging

Build out a brand new site without touching your existing web presence. Content staging allows you to build safely in a separate staging area, test changes, and seamlessly take the new design live. We LOVE the content staging in HubSpot. 

Read more Content Staging: the Most Under-Celebrated HubSpot CMS Feature. 

Google Search Console Integration

Get organic search insights like average ranking position, related searches, total impressions, and clickthrough rate for pages on your website — right inside your HubSpot account.

SEO Recommendations & Optimizations

How does your website score? Use our FREE HubSpot CMS Website Grader to find out!

HubSpot's SEO tools allow you to identify SEO issues across your entire website, and learn how to optimize your pages to get more organic traffic.

SEO and Content Strategy

Content Strategy Tools

Create topic clusters that automatically link supporting content back to your core “pillar” pages to ensure search engines can easily crawl your site and identify you as an expert on any given topic and improve your content rankings accordingly. 


Create a product library of the goods and services that you sell, then associate those products with individual deals. When you use products it makes it easier for your sales & marketing teams to build deals, track performance of what you're selling and create custom reports on products using the report builder in your report tool. 

Video Hosting & Management

Host and manage up to 250 video files within HubSpot. Then embed them onto site pages and in emails. Add CTAs and forms within the videos, and track their performance in the custom report builder.

Password Protected Pages

Password-protect website pages and landing pages, giving you the ability to control who can see the content on a specific page. 


Organize your HubSpot portal users into teams, based on region, business unit, product line, or more. Assign marketing assets and database records to teams. And get regular team performance reports too. CMS Professional allows you to create up to 10 teams and CMS Enterprise allows you to create up to 300 teams and create hierarchies within those teams. 

Logged-In Visitor Identification

Identify logged-in website visitors when they send you a live chat message, making it easy for your team to send personalized live chat replies.

Salesforce integration

Keep your Salesforce and HubSpot contacts, companies, deals/opportunities, and tasks/activities in sync and up-to-date. With both CMS Pro & Enterprise you can sync:

  • 1,000 field mappings
  • 10,000 Salesforce owners
  • 1 account

Site Tree

Manage your website content in a hierarchical system of folders so you can quickly see how your website is structured. This is a helpful tool when sharing website IA plans with your team or exploring how to restructure. 

Permission Sets

Use HubSpot’s default permission sets to give each team member the right permission levels for different access and functionality. If you want to customize the permission sets, you will need to have HubSpot CMS Enterprise. 

  • HubSpot CMS Professional: Default permission sets only
  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise: Customize and save your own permission sets. 

Phone support

Have you ever wished you could just call HubSpot to get an answer to your question or a problem sorted out? If you're a HubSpot CMS Professional or Enterprise user, you can. 


Additional Features with HubSpot CMS Enterprise

HubSpot Enterprise CMS is a great tool for large, content heavy websites. The integrated marketing automation tools are essential for managing your contacts at each stage of their journey. At $1,200/month, HubSpot CMS Enterprise is very affordable for those who need security and control, along with flexibility, for their large websites, teams and traffic. 

Custom Objects

You can store nearly any data in HubSpot, including SaaS subscriptions, students, shipments, and more. Custom objects work just like standard objects in HubSpot - like the contacts and companies' objects. So you can easily create and manage them, set up workflows, and run reports on custom object data. 

With HubSpot CMS Enterprise you can create up to 10 object definitions and 500,000 records. 

Web Apps

Custom build web app experiences like a calculator, event system, customer portal, learning management system (LMS), etc., all within your HubSpot account and powered by CRM data.

Salesforce Custom Object Sync

Map Salesforce custom objects to HubSpot custom objects, and sync data one way from Salesforce into HubSpot. With Enterprise CMS you can map up to 10 custom objects per account. 

Adaptive Testing

Adaptive testing options unlock for your landing pages with Enterprise CMS. Not sure what that even means? Here's how HubSpot explains it:

Let’s say you test four variations of a page. With adaptive testing, traffic is split evenly between page variations at first. As HubSpot learns how these variations are performing, we adjust the traffic automatically, so that better-performing variations are shown more and poorer-performing variations are shown less. The traffic distribution of an adaptive test might look like this:

multi armed bandit
This is in contrast to traditional A/B testing that pits two pages against each other and it's up to you to monitor the results, manually choose a 'winner' and make the landing page change; a process that can increase the opportunity costs of not making the right change or making it at the wrong time. 

User Roles & Content Partitioning

Give each team member using your account the right permission levels for their role with customizable permission sets. A common example of this would be to allow different permissions for your blog posts, site pages, emails, forms, CTAs, lists, or workflows based on role, region, and more, so your team can only see and edit content relevant to them.

You can also disable the editing of specific properties for certain users to keep your team efficient and your database clean.

Log in as another user

If you’re a super admin on an Enterprise CMS account, you now have the ability to temporarily log in as another user to see what they see in the portal. This is exceptionally helpful when you’re an account administrator and you need to help someone troubleshoot.


Restrict access to specific HubSpot-hosted web pages, landing pages and blog content by requiring visitors to log in with a username and password.

Single Sign-On

Let users sign in to HubSpot using single sign-on credentials, making it easy for them to log in while enhancing security and your control over who has access.

Additional Root Domains

Build, host, partition, and report on multiple websites within the same HubSpot account. Includes your core domain plus nine additional root domains (with more available for purchase as add-ons).

Reverse Proxy Configuration

Build out content on the HubSpot platform while serving that content to visitors on a non-HubSpot-hosted domain or subdirectory.


When your website updates go beyond what’s available with the webpage staging tools, you can experiment with elements of the user and customer experience in your Sandbox before deploying them live within your production account.

Code Alerts, Site Performance & Activity Monitoring

Scan all CMS-hosted pages for common performance errors that result in slow-loading pages.

Build custom tracking dashboards for HubSpot-hosted content using a public API. Track down errors reported by your customers, areas of the site that are slow or high-traffic, how the site is performing over time, and the site’s overall uptime in a given period.

Need to keep an audit trail? With Enterprise CMS you can track down changes to HubSpot content including pages, modules, blogs, images, CTAs, and others. Set up default notifications for all users in your account, or create notification profiles by role.


Get started with HubSpot CMS!

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