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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

The fastest and easiest way to get qualified traffic to your site is to pay for it. Paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms has become highly sophisticated and, if you work with a partner who is building custom lists and using psychographic targeting, you can see an exceptional ROI for your investment. 

Google Ads

Running search ads, display ads and remarketing ads on the Google Ads network can reach a wide audience who is ready to buy. Search ads are particularly effective as you can put your brand in front of an audience who is ready to convert. Remarketing is effective as you know that a visitor is already familiar with your brand and your products or services. 

Our ecommerce advertising experts have extensive experience with Google Shopping Ads and can help create the product groups you need to find positive ROI for competitive ecommerce niches. 

Client Case Study: Consumer electronics retailer sees 1,177% ROAS in one month. 


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram use the same advertising management platform which is good news for you because you can leverage the micro-targeting capabilities of Facebook across Instagram. When you advertise on Facebook and Instagram, you're reaching a captive audience that is looking for content to consume. If you have good content that's targeted well, you can see some very strong results.  

Paid Ads & HubSpot

When you're using the HubSpot CRM you're already building lists for your customers, engaged prospects, and more. You can easily use these lists as custom audiences and create lookalike audiences from your best customers directly from HubSpot. You can also report on your ad campaign success from within HubSpot and get a clear picture on who is engaging with your ads and who is converting into actual qualified leads. The attribution reporting in HubSpot can help give you the visibility you need to make better investments in your marketing spend. 

Seasoned Search Professionals

Our paid search advertising team is distinguished and our passion runs deep. We're Google Ads Certified and actively managing a wide roster of client accounts every day. 

PPC & SEO Are Better Together

Our top-notch PPC team works side by side with our SEO team. This strategic partnership with SEO & PPC ensures that your landing pages are optimized for search and give you a good Quality Score. It also ensures that when visitors land on your pages, you have those critical elements in place that can help facilitate a conversion; forms, social proof, value propositions and more.

I approached Tanya with a fairly complex problem relating to multi-city SEO and was extremely pleased with her knowledge and the results of her work. We reached our target position (#1 on Google) shortly after Tanya completed our project!

Shamon K. Hope Street

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