Digital Marketing Support for Online Retailers

E-Commerce Marketing Agency 

Our ecommerce clients are retailers who want to increase their online sales.
Our work to drive increased revenue with a positive ROI for your ecommerce business includes SEO, search advertising, Google Shopping optimization, social media marketing, lead nurturing through email marketing, marketing automation and conversion rate optimization throughout the entire customer journey. 

Increase Ecommerce Website Traffic (SEO & PPC)

For online retailers, increasing website traffic is essential to increasing leads. But attracting the right leads to your store is critical. Our ecommerce marketing campaigns focus on attracting in-market consumers in your target audience to your site to make their purchase. We attract customers to your site through search engine optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, paid advertising on search and social, and identifying partnerships and cross promotion opportunities. 



Increase Ecommerce Conversions (CRO) 

Through A/B testing and growth-driven design, we will help to test and implement changes on your site that can help to increase conversions. As your traffic grows, incremental increases to your conversion rate will exponentially increase your sales without increasing your traffic generation investment. Our conversion rate optimization (CRO) tactics include testing page layouts, navigational elements, CTAs, the checkout process and more. We are diligent about reporting and analytics so you have the metrics to make informed decisions. 

Lead Nurturing, Re-Engagement & Marketing Automation

This is where most retailers need the most help. Leveraging marketing automation to use abandoned cart emails, remarketing ads for products, nurturing emails for your contact list, and other reengagement tactics allow you to increase sales for those contacts that you've already worked hard to attract to the site. These contacts are a goldmine of opportunity. 

The Full Cycle of the Customer Journey

Our ecommerce marketing agency focuses on the full customer journey -- from first point of contact with your brand through to re-conversion and contact management. Let's chat about your current lead flow and how we can improve it to help you reach your business goals. 



What Marketing Services Can We Offer Your E-Commerce Company?

There are many components to a full online marketing strategy for retailers which need to come together to make it successful. Our marketing team have worked on hundreds of sites and bring their experience on what works well to for online stores your account.

We work with clients who are using Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and others. We also offer web design and development and have the in-house capabilities to implement everything that we recommend. 

Some of the services our digital marketing agency offers are: 

Digital Marketing Strategy

Working with a full-service digital marketing agency will help you bring all your ideas and tactics into a cohesive strategy. Identify your goals, track your results and increase your online sales when you align your marketing campaigns.  

SEO & Content Marketing

Optimize your templates and content for increased organic traffic. 

Create engaging and relevant content for your niche, and dispersing it across multiple channels, like blogs, eBooks, whitepapers and infographics.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We have a wealth of experience in paid advertising management. We can manage your Amazon & Google Shopping campaigns and maximize your return on investment for all product verticals. Need brand awareness? We can do that, too. 

Buyer Persona Development

We can help you understand who your potential customers are, what challenges they face and how we can target and help them to become qualified leads. We identify their watering holes and bring your message & products to them. 

Marketing Automation

We can build automated workflows to streamline your processes and marketing messages to send the right content to your leads at the right time. Abandoned cart emails, subscription renewals and up-sell opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

We can take full ownership of your online presence, engaging your audience through channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. We can leverage ecommerce capabilities in all social media platforms.

By working with CRO:NYX Digital, GPS Central saw a 1,177% return on advertising spend (ROAS) during a historically slow retail month. 

Read the case study here. 

GPS Central

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