Email Marketing

Nurture your contacts and convert them into closed deals.


Email: the Unsung Hero of Revenue Generation

You've worked hard to fill your funnel full of contacts, now you need to work those contacts and turn them into paying customers.

We will work with you to segment your audience, craft the right content, and deliver it to the right people at the right time to drive more revenue for your business.

Attract, Convert, Delight

Attract: Building Your List

Need some ideas to fill your funnel with qualified contacts, fast? We can help build a lead gen strategy that will deliver.

Convert: Nurturing Contacts

Segment your contacts, craft the right message, and deliver it at the right time with the assist of workflows and automation.

Delight: Increasing Retention

Don't ignore your customers because you've already converted! Engage with your customers and turn them into Evangelists!

Client Testimonials

Automation Increased Enrollment

Automating our admissions process to send out welcome emails, admission test booking links and enrollment reminders helped us increase enrollment for our college by 60%. 


Custom Solutions for Our Needs

We have had a wonderful experience working with Tanya and the rest of the Cro:Nyx team. We had a bit of a unique set of problems that we needed HubSpot to fulfill and Cro:Nyx was able to help us develop and create solutions that fit our needs very well.


Let's Create Some Email Workflows!

Let us know a little bit more about what you're looking for and we'll get right back to you.

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