Sales Enablement Solutions

Close More Deals Without Growing Your Sales Team

Qualify leads, manage outreach, automate admin, and report on success without adding more hours to the day. If you're looking to supercharge your sales team performance and reducer their blockers to getting deals closed, we can help. 

Achieve Sales Team Alignment

Imagine how operations would shift if your sales team was in perfect alignment with marketing, finance, client services, and all other lines of business. When it happens, it's magical. We can help. 

Sales Enablement & Operations

Automate workflows, document processes, create a resource library, standardize record properties and create the framework for sales success. 

Sales Reports & Dashboards

Accountability is key and you need the visibility of critical KPIs to make it happen. Create DBR reports, team reports, and executive reports in HubSpot. 

Sales Hub Implementation

Successfully onboard to HubSpot Sales Hub and empower your team to become HubSpot Sales power users. 

HubSpot Sales Hub Training

Get a new BDR up to speed on how to use HubSpot or realign your sales team on best practices and standardized sales processes. 

Custom Sales Integrations

Sync data from other sources with HubSpot CRM & Deals. We can customize most integrations so you can have the data that you need where you need it. 

Custom Sales Support

Need a hand but aren't quite sure where to start? Contact us

Most Requested Sales Enablement Services

HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding

In our HubSpot Sales Onboarding we will ensure that your team knows how to use the powerful tools at their fingertips. In our HubSpot Sales Onboarding project we will:

  • meet with your sales team to understand your current sales processes
  • customize HubSpot to align with your sales processes; updating your pipelines, deal records, and contact records accordingly
  • conduct 1:1 live training with your team to familiarize them with HubSpot and collect further feedback
  • document processes, procedures and custom properties
  • identify and build the reports and dashboards to give you critical business intelligence for your sales team

HubSpot Sales Dashboards & Reports

Need to see what's working (and what's not) at a glance? We can build your sales dashboard and reports so you can take action. Sales dashboard examples include:

  • BDR activity and performance reports
  • Overall team activity and performance reports
  • Pipeline and forecast reports
  • Deal outcome reports
  • Deal/sale reports for specific product lines and services
  • Geographic team or LOB reports
  • And more! We've built thousands of custom HubSpot reports and can help you get the data you need out of (or in to) HubSpot. 

Great team to work with at CRO:NYX

Fantastic things to say about the CRO:NYX team. They were always fast to respond and very knowledgeable. They helped build out specific dashboards as requested and improve our sales operation workflow in HubSpot.

Ismail M.

Trusted HubSpot Solutions Partner

We are proud to be a trusted Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner. Our team is fluent in all things HubSpot and we strive to ensure that your team is getting the most out of your investment. 

That said, your business success is our #1 goal. If we ever feel like HubSpot isn't the right solution for your needs, we'll let you know ❤️

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