HubSpot Onboarding & Implementation

Custom HubSpot Onboarding packages to ensure your team is set up for success on HubSpot.

Your Team Needs Training

HubSpot's "Guided Onboarding" will give you the checklist you need to get your portal set up, but it won't include the 1:1 training and hands-on support that many businesses need to customize their portals to reflect their business operations.

If your team doesn't know how to use HubSpot, they won't use it at all and will go back to their old platforms or create new ways to work around HubSpot. Or worse, they misuse HubSpot and create a CRM that has inaccurate data. This results in a CRM that's messy and leaves your sales and marketing processes disjointed and can hurt your sales and marketing initiatives instead of helping them.

With our trainings you will:

  • Align your team around WHY you're using HubSpot
  • Allow each team member to see the benefit to their role and their department
  • Create agreed-upon contact, company, and deal properties
  • Document & standardize your processes
  • Remove friction & increase accountability between sales, marketing & service teams by creating clear responsibility
  • Ensure you have the right reports and dashboards to show business intelligence for those who need it

Our HubSpot Onboarding Solutions

Marketing Onboarding

Get your marketing team set for success with HubSpot Marketing onboarding & training. Includes workflows, email marketing, contact segmentation, social media tools, ads and more.

Sales Onboarding

Sales teams align! HubSpot Sales onboarding includes deal customization, pipeline creation and automation, forecasting, sales activity reports and more.

Service Onboarding

Increase customer retention. HubSpot Service Hub onboarding includes ticket pipeline customization & automation, NPS and feedback tools, knowledgebase configuration and more.

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HubSpot Onboarding Customized for You

Moving from another CRM, sales or marketing tool suite to HubSpot requires process management, goal alignment, and training to ensure your team actually uses the new platform and that they're using it how you want them to. When you work with a HubSpot Onboarding specialist you will have a better likelihood of platform adoption across your entire organization.

HubSpot Onboarding Accredited

HubSpot Training & Consulting

Our team lives and breathes HubSpot. We are Certified HubSpot Trainers, HubSpot Approved Onboarding Specialists, and our team has numerous certifications and accreditations between us. We've even won a HubSpot Impact Award for a website we built on HubSpot CMS.

Our onboarding team can pass these skills over to you and your team. Working with our team can ensure your team knows how to use HubSpot, confidently and independently.

Client Testimonials

Amazing Tools and Amazing Support

My experience has been amazing. I've received one on one training and have not only managed my current book of business but have also found new account generation far easier than our previous CRM. Great support and Great tool for companies looking to expand business and generate ultimate growth objectives.

Marketing Operations Training

Tanya is a truly strategic, all-around digital marketer and marketing operations pro. She understands her customer needs and priorities and comes with a big picture strategic digital marketing plan while not neglecting the tactics and details. On top of that, her analytical skills are like no other. We had her analyze a very complex data set, after a short time, she came back with operational recommendations on how to clean the data and how to market to the different groups.

Friendly Professional Training

It was a pleasure working with CRO:NYX Digital during our HubSpot on-boarding. The folks there are very knowledgeable and great to work with. Thanks for all the help and knowledge sharing!

HubSpot Sales Training

Tanya went above and beyond in developing an understanding of our business and how to apply HubSpot for maximum effectiveness. Never impatient with us, she assisted our staff with no understanding of the system on how to use it effectively. Highly recommended! 

We offer HubSpot Onboarding, Implementation Support and Training on:

  • HubSpot CRM - managing contacts, companies, and tasks. Logging emails and tracking conversations. Creating custom properties. Best practices.
  • HubSpot CMS - adding and editing content and templates in the HubSpot CMS. How to create campaigns and track on performance. Implementing Smart content in Marketing Pro.
  • HubSpot Sales - creating templates, sequences and automating admin tasks. Creating and managing deals. Shared conversations inboxes, lead rotation, & aligning the sales team. Sales reporting.
  • HubSpot Marketing - building workflows, personalizing content, creating campaigns & SEO topic clusters, lead scoring, and lead attribution. Building meaningful marketing reports.
  • HubSpot Service - automating ticket creation, syncing ticket systems, creating a knowledge base and rolling out NPS strategies.
  • HubSpot Reporting - creating meaningful reports for each department and stakeholder. We will set up dashboards and discuss how to build custom reports.

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