Marketing Intelligence

Good Data Informs Good Business Decisions

Website analytics and lead attribution data can be incredibly powerful in optimizing to maximize your investment. But if the data you're collecting isn't totally accurate and you're making the right decisions based on the wrong data, you could end up making terrible decisions with long-term detrimental impact. 

Collect Clean Data

google-analytics-expertDon't suffer from 'garbage in, garbage out' analytics. Configure your analytics to collect the right data, from the right visitors. Configure your goals so you're tracking the right conversion points. 

Your Business KPIs at a Glance

Complex reports, large data sets and having to look in multiple places for information makes it less likely that the data will be used. 

Effective marketing intelligence must be:

  • Easy to find
  • Quick to read
  • Visually interesting
  • Effectively telling a story

It was a pleasure working with Tanya on the Databox project. During the implementation process, she actively listened to our needs and supported us in each step to develop our reports using dashboards. Above all, she has a deep understanding of tech solutions, marketing automation tools and integrating them with multiple platforms. Thanks to Tanya and the CRO:NYX Digital team, we successfully implemented the Databox project and got prepared to provide the solution to our clients. I’m very pleased to have CRO:NYX’s support on our projects, and I highly recommend their services.

Beatriz G. Real Estate Industry

How We Help

Google Analytics Audits & Optimization

Filter out bot traffic, internal traffic, set up your goals and conversion tracking, integrate data for other tools and make the other big changes and fine-tuning that's need to clean up your account. 

Our website analytics audits are the perfect starting point to clean-up and configure your analytics so you're getting the data that you need, when you need it. 

Custom Dashboard Curation

Sales dashboards, marketing dashboards, ecommerce report dashboards, lead attribution, campaign performance and more. We'll work with you to identify the metrics that really matter to your stakeholders and create centralized dashboards to give at-a-glance KPIs for those who need them. 

If access to real time data while you're on the go is important to you, we recommend using Databox or DashThis for your reporting dashboard. 

Databox reporting multiple devices - laptop, desktop, mobile, apple watch, slack

Analytics Platforms & Tools We Work With

  • Google Analytics / Universal GA / GA4
  • HubSpot Reporting & Analytics across all Sales, Marketing & Service Hubs
  • Databox
  • DashThis
  • Google Data Studio
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