Consumer Retailer Sees 1,177% Return on Advertising Spend in One Month

Written by: CRO:NYX Team

Published: 20 October, 2020

GPS Central required a market-differentiating ad campaign on a slim budget. They turned to CRO:NYX Digital who in one month yielded $13,902 from an investment of just over $1,000.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)




GPS Central is a niche consumer electronics retailer based out of Calgary, Alberta. They operate within a heavily saturated outdoors and electronics market with slim margins for each product sold.

GPS Central provides GPS tracking devices, maps and charts, and outdoor gear among other specialty electronics. Their competitors include fellow GPS retailers as well as low-cost, and lower quality smartphone-enabled mobile apps which consumers frequently choose to use instead of purchasing standalone devices. Standing out from the crowd is a challenge in consumer electronics and online advertising is one of the few ways to reach consumers.

The Problem

A saturated consumer electronics market left GPS Central’s stand-out inventory hidden among multiple competitors.

GPS Central has a small advertising budget of just over $1,000/month for Google Ads. In a competitive industry, a few overpriced clicks can quickly blow a small budget and leave you with no advertising and no sales. It was essential that we were able to get granular and find the strongly converting products, quickly. 

The Solution


GPS Central turned to a trusted marketing partner to leverage ad spend for revenue results.

Having worked with the search marketing team at CRO:NYX Digital on prior campaigns, GPS Central tasked CRO:NYX Digital with executing this critical advertising campaign.

CRO:NYX Digital decided on a split marketing strategy of Google Shopping Ads and Google Search Ads in order to diversify the advertising investment and widen consumer reach. 

With Google Shopping Ads, CRO:NYX Digital broke the products into different priority product groups to optimize the campaigns and allocate the budget more heavily on the products that are more likely to convert with a decent margin.

For the shopping ads, CRO:NYX Digital focused only on those units that had specific promotions and for which GPS Central had a unique stake in the market. In this way, they eliminated the 'wasted' spend on brand awareness and loosely match keyword searches. CRO:NYX Digital took a calculated risk by intentionally cutting down on the amount of reach and traffic received for these campaigns. This strategic move resulted in highly qualified traffic that was more likely to complete their purchase.

By working with CRO:NYX Digital, GPS Central saw a 1,177% return on advertising spend (ROAS) during a historically slow retail month. 

The Results

Continued success from market differentiation and strategic ad spend.

GPS Central benefited from market differentiation as well as repeat customers and excellent reviews from customers who are the perfect fit for their products. Being able to do this amidst the added pressure of the COVID pandemic is a true testament to their entire team. 

Today, GPS Central uses the two-pronged advertising approach to continued success within a saturated consumer electronics market.

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Written by: CRO:NYX Team

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