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What is a HubSpot Administrator & Why You Should Hire One

Written by: Hayley Bonnett

Published: 28 October, 2023

In the fast-moving digital world, smooth operations are key. As businesses start using powerful platforms like HubSpot, getting to grips with its many features is essential. That's where a HubSpot Administrator comes in.

What is a HubSpot Admin?

A HubSpot Administrator is an expert focused on adjusting your HubSpot setup to match your business goals. They ensure workflows run smoothly, databases stay clean, and you get the most out of your HubSpot investment.

What Does a HubSpot Admin Do?

Proactive Account Reviews

Regular HubSpot Portal Audits conducted by your HubSpot Admin ensure that you're aware of potential issues quickly and can correct them before they start to impact business operations.  

Technical Proficiency

The heart of this role is a mix of technical skills and strategic thinking. Your HubSpot Admin is good at setting up both basic and advanced portal settings to meet your needs, closely watching workflows, pipeline automation, and contact data health to support your business growth.

Problem Solving

When glitches emerge, your HubSpot Admin acts quickly. With a deep-rooted understanding of your portal, they pinpoint and rectify issues expeditiously, ensuring your operations remain on an even keel and averting potential setbacks.

Strategic Partnership

A HubSpot Administrator does more than just technical tasks. They become your strategic partner, discussing inbound strategy, analytics, sales process optimization, and more. Their knowledge helps improve your strategies and optimize the entire customer journey.

Training and Skill Development

A HubSpot Administrator shines in the realm of training. Whether it's onboarding new team members, navigating process alterations, or acquainting with HubSpot portal updates, they are at the forefront. Through personalized or team training sessions, they foster a culture of continuous learning, ensuring your team is adept in leveraging relevant HubSpot functionalities.

Support for Special Projects

In times of special projects or when a HubSpot portal audit is on the horizon, the support of a HubSpot Administrator is priceless. Be it a migration from Pardot to HubSpot or combining two portals, their expertise is pivotal. With options for additional support during high-demand periods, expertise is at your disposal.

Cost-Effectiveness of Fractional Administration

Now, the essential question arises: should you hire an in-house or a Fractional HubSpot Admin? An in-house admin can be a valuable addition if your budget allows. However, with the current average salary for a HubSpot Admin being a substantial $130k USD annually, plus benefits, it can get pricey. This is where the Fractional HubSpot Admin model steps in as a budget-friendly yet equally effective alternative.

Types of HubSpot Administration Solutions

HubSpot administration packages vary from company to company. Usually, they are broken down by how much support your business needs. For example: 

Basic Support

Ideal for:

  • Smaller teams needing guidance
  • Businesses new to HubSpot looking for a strong start
  • Organizations with simple HubSpot needs wanting a clean, organized database

Proactive Admin

Ideal for:

  • Growing businesses with increasing CRM and HubSpot needs
  • Teams handling multiple lead sources wanting better lead management
  • Organizations looking for strategic support, clean data, and process documentation

Super Admin

Ideal for:

  • Large enterprises with multiple hubs and a fast-growing CRM
  • Larger teams needing both strategic and tactical support
  • Organizations with complex HubSpot needs, looking for a wide range of services, including training and regular touchpoints

Learn more about our HubSpot Admin Pricing & Packages

To sum it up, a HubSpot Admin could play a pivotal role in optimizing your HubSpot experience, ensuring smooth operations, and helping you get the most out of this powerful tool. If you end up needing support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help.


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Animation of person on laptop in front of a book

Written by: Hayley Bonnett

Hayley Bonnett is one of our Canadians working from Calgary, Alberta, a great location for her due to her love of the mountains. She recently graduated with a BBA majoring in marketing and is excited to continue learning and further her education even more.

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