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Business Coaching for Digital Agencies

Most digital agency founders started as freelancers and consultants. Through dedication, good work, strong reputations and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, they've found themselves with people to manage, clients to service and business challenges unlike anything they had imagined when they hired their first sub-contractor. 

If you want to grow a healthy agency you need to focus on the business and build a strong foundation. We can help. 

Foundations for a strong agency

Foundations for Growth

Building anything that's going to last requires a strong foundation. For your digital agency there are four foundational pillars: people, strategy, execution & cash. 

Your agency can grow without all four of these but it won't be strong enough to survive if you hit a rough patch. Strengthening these foundations is a critical first step for long-term stability. 


Barriers to Scaling

Do you want to scale up but keep hitting a wall? You may be experience stinted growth due to issues in one or more of the three main barriers to scaling: leadership, scalable infrastructure, or marketing.

Let's take a step back and assess where you're at in each of these areas to identify what's blocking your growth trajectory.


Operational Framework

Your operations framework is essential to keeping your team accountable and aligned on their vision and mission. It doesn't matter if you're using Traction EOS, an in-house system you made yourself, or another operating system. What matters is that you have one and you're using it whole-heartedly throughout your organization. 

Pretty young lady taking a decision with scale above her head


Just as professional athletes hire personal trainers to help keep them focused and accountable, successful business owners work with business coaches to do the same. 

Focusing on drills and activities to keep you focused on your business objectives and the emotional and practical support to help you break through your barriers and surpass your goals are just some of the benefits of working with a business coach. 

Business Coach with Digital Agency Operations Experience

Tanya Wigmore - Business CoachNot many people have control of their own destiny. You do.

Tanya Wigmore has founded two digital agencies, sold one, has led others through tremendous growth as part of their in-house team and as a consultant, and has worked with agency owners through times of difficulty and downsizing. Her experience runs deep and her passion to help agencies grow ensures that her coaching is designed to help you make the right moves for your agency -- now and for future longevity.  

As much as every agency is unique, we all face many of the same struggles in building a healthy foundation, overcoming common growth barriers and making sure we're finding that fine balance between having enough work to pay our people and enough people to do the work. 

Working with a business coach is akin to working with a personal trainer. First we will identify your target outcomes and set some realistic goals and benchmarks. Then we will look at what's holding you back; what you need to stop doing. Then we tackle what's missing from your operations; what you need to start doing in order to take your business to the next level. 

"The only things we can learn are the things we don't yet know"

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