Marketing Automation

Accomplish more without doing more.

Marketing automation tools that let you run marketing campaigns like you have a team twice your size.

Your marketing team only has so many hours in a day, use them wisely. Marketing automation frees you from the constraints of repetitive, time sucking tasks so you can do more of what you like to do. 

Marketing Automation Can Take Care of:

  • Sending kick-back emails for form submissions
  • Follow up with leads to offer a custom offer based on their on-site behavior
  • Send customized emails to clients using if/than logic based on their contact profile properties
  • Reminding people about upcoming events or sending thank-you's for event attendance
  • And more!

Many marketing activities can be automated, allowing you to use your time much more effectively. 

Automating our admissions process to send out welcome emails, admission test booking links and enrollment reminders helped us increase enrollment for our college by 60%. 

Oskar M.