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Case Study: Adding Personality & Increasing Organic Search 659%

Written by: CRO:NYX Team

Published: 9 December, 2021

How CRO:NYX Digital helped One80 Law Group redesign their website, strengthen their brand, and increase organic website traffic 659%.

The Project

One80 Law Group’s mission is to provide real estate law, wills & estates law, probate & admin and personal injury law services to those in Alberta & British Columbia. What makes them unique in their industry is that they offer remote legal services for their clients, which eliminates the need for an overpriced law office and allows them to offer more affordable flat-rate billing for their services. 

While offering mobile services is unique and innovative, One80 Law Group’s website and social media brand didn’t reflect this dynamic. With a website that was built several years ago, it fell flat with muted tones and generic stock photography. Over the last year they’ve also expanded beyond Alberta and into BC, and that wasn’t adequately reflected on their website either. The One80 Law Team came to us with a challenge to help them stand out from the crowd and smash the status quo to reach their target audience, build a brand that stands out, and to generate leads via their online channels.


Our Approach

💪 Brand Voice > Bland Voice

Our goal was to redesign the One80 Law Group website to match the Founder, Catherine’s personality. Catherine Young is an amazingly energetic and no-nonsense lawyer that has a deep commitment to the community and to women's rights. Her technology-driven law firm doesn’t just embrace remote work, it empowers her team to find the flexibility and freedom to balance work with everything else. 

To bring that energy into the website we selected a modern and appealing visual style that establishes a strong brand personality right on the first page. In partnership with our designer-in-residence Amber Ford, we built a brand palette that aligned with the team behind One80 Law and incorporated those colors and organic circular shapes throughout the website.



Education is Power

Along with the website redesign and a marketing refresh, we created a strategy to launch more organic content for One80 Law, focused on empowering visitors to learn more about their topic of interest. While it may seem counterintuitive to ‘give away the goods’ by providing helpful and free information online, it has proven for us to be incredibly helpful to educate those visitors and allow them to prequalify themselves before reaching out for a consultation. This results in much higher lead quality and less time spent with tire kickers. 

To develop our content calendar and identify what topics to explore, we worked with Catherine to identify her FAQs, common objections, and recurring pain points for potential clients. We also conducted extensive keyword research to identify what people are searching for when they’re looking for a lawyer and incorporated that into our content strategy.



The Results

On average, every month, total organic searches increased 659%, discovery reaches increased 910%, website clicks increased 521%, and social media engagement increased by 118%.

Increased website traffic from content creation & distribution. 

In Q4 of 2020, we began to create and share organic content on One80 Law’s social media platforms. It took a few months to see the impact of those efforts and by the end of Q1 2021, we saw a significant and sustained increase in organic sessions and traffic to the website. Within a few months there was a 659% increase in organic search traffic

Increasing organic website traffic

Improving user experience to increase conversion rates. 

The old website design offered a poor user experience as it was difficult to navigate and hard to find information. We aimed to correct that on the new site by making the One80 Law team’s information easy to find and accessible no matter the page users were on. Separating each landing page to better service specific locations helped to improve local business listings in each region and increased the conversion rate of other marketing initiatives. With the launch of the new site in August resulted in an immediate boost in lead generation on the website with the three months post-launch generating 133% more leads than the three months pre-launch.

Increasing website conversions

Another Happy Client!

Here's what Catherine Young from One80Law Group has to say about working with our team:

Tanya and her team at CRO:NYX have been amazing to work with! I have been with them for just over a year and couldn't be happier with the service and results my business has seen. 

Thanks Catherine! 😘

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Written by: CRO:NYX Team

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