Do New HubSpot Websites Need SEO?

If you’re migrating an already optimized website over from WordPress to HubSpot, do you still need to do SEO on it?

Of course you do. Here’s why:

Configuring SEO Settings in HubSpot

Working with an SEO who knows HubSpot's platform in and out will save you time in SEO setup and help you see positive returns faster. Here’s a quick list of the SEO settings you need to configure when you’re launching a new website in HubSpot

  1. Adding Google Analytics tracking
  2. Adding HubSpot Analytics tracking to other non-HubSpot pages and assets
  3. Setting image alt tags for image files being used in the template, for example the logo
  4. Enabling AMP for blog posts (you’ll want to test those AMP templates first!)
  5. Double checking Robots.txt files
  6. Double checking Sitemap.xml files
  7. Crawling the site to ensure that all pages are resolving
  8. Adding in needed redirects via the URL redirects tool
  9. Ensuring that all links are set to https
  10. Turning on language targeting if being used / turning it off if you’re only using one language

Monitoring Performance Post-Migration

It is very common for websites to see a drop in traffic after migrating to a new platform. This is usually due to a combination of changing navigation, changing content, dropped content and a different hierarchy. One of the biggest challenges we see in new site launches is when the URLs change and no redirects are put in place - in this scenario all organic rankings and inbound links are ‘broken’ until they’ve been redirected. 

Don’t make that mistake!

Before you migrate you’ll want to make sure that the new page has the same URLs or have a redirect ready to put in place at launch. Post-launch you’ll want to crawl the site to check for breaks and keep an eye on Google Search Console for any issues they seem to be having with the new site. You will also want to watch your keyword rankings to ensure that you’re not losing the foothold you worked so hard to gain on the previous site. 

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Tanya Wigmore

Written by Tanya Wigmore

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