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Next Event: Building an Effective Content Strategy

We've all heard that "Content is King" but how can you really know if you're building an effective content strategy?

In this one-hour online workshop we will cover the basics of content strategy, what content you can use in your strategy and how to measure the effectiveness of your strategy.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • identify content topics that align with your business goals
  • understand which types of content are most effective on different mediums
  • know which KPIs to use to measure performance
  • analyze and interpret those KPIs to assess the performance of a campaign

This is a HubSpot User Group workshop and is FREE to attend. Space is capped at 50 registrants to ensure that we can facilitate Q&A and networking. 

You may be interested in this HUG if:

  • You create content (blog posts, social media content, podcasts, videos, etc.) as part of your role
  • You work with an agency or internal team who creates content for your brand
  • You wish your blog posts were more effective at driving website traffic and conversions
  • You are a HubSpot user who wants to learn more about how to use HubSpot for your content marketing

Course Requirements

None! Just show up with an open mind and be prepared to participate in our discussion and networking session. This is a HubSpot User Group and you will get more out of this conversation if you are a current HubSpot user though you do not need to have an active or paid HubSpot account to participate. 

Event Info

📆 Tuesday May 10 at 10am CDT / 4pm London time

This is an ONLINE event and is open to anyone who wants to learn more about content marketing and HubSpot's content marketing tools. We'll send you the zoom link for the event after you register. 

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There are HUGs for different areas, industries and specialities. We're honored to be leading an HUG chapter again in 2022!

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Where's the event link?
We will send you a zoom link for the event after you complete your registration. 
Do I have to be a HubSpot User to attend?
HubSpot User Groups (HUGs) are designed to be educational and actionable for HubSpot users. However, that does not mean that you won't get any value if you're not using HubSpot. You do not need to have an active or paid HubSpot account to participate in this online workshop. 
Can I ask you a question?
Of course! Please email your questions to and we'll get back to you right away.