Moving from WordPress to HubSpot CMS

Case Study: Moving to HubSpot CMS with Low Cost & High Impact

Written by: CRO:NYX Team

Published: 11 January, 2024

Background: Leaving an Underperforming Agency

Extreme Molding found themselves in an uncomfortable position when they parted ways with their previous marketing agency and were given notice that their website would be completely shut down in 30 days at the end of the contract. This put them in a tight spot, needing to transfer their existing website to a new platform within a limited timeframe. 

“I had a hunch that we weren’t getting value for our investment when I asked for some performance reports and never received them.” Mike Fil, Extreme Molding 

Challenge: Quickly Migrating All Website Content and Assets from WordPress to HubSpot 

The export/import tools for transferring website content from WordPress to HubSpot CMS can be a lifesaver when it comes to quickly moving your site. If you're not overly concerned about the aesthetics of your website design, they may be the perfect solution for you. However, the HTML import into the HubSpot CMS can create a clumsy look and feel, import bloated legacy code, and often doesn’t adhere to website theme and module best practices. 

Extreme Molding has worked hard to cultivate their brand and we wanted to ensure their new website matched the design of the old one as much as possible. We also wanted to give Extreme Molding custom drag-and-drop modules within their design and a cohesive theme with a brand template to fully leverage the functionality available in HubSpot CMS. In this case, the import/export option for the main website pages wasn’t going to achieve our desired outcomes so we chose to start from scratch and rebuild the site with custom modules in the HubSpot CMS. 


Solution: Move Quickly to Ensure Continuity, then Iterate

With the threat of the website takedown looming, we needed to ensure we left very little risk of losing data. We focused on importing the blog content first, then built the new theme and custom modules to match the previous website's design while improving upon functionality. 

Leaving a client with less than 30 days to find a new solution for their website is a difficult place to put them. We are so glad that we could take this project on and help get this website launched before the old website was shut down. ~ Tanya Wigmore, CRO:NYX Digital

When all the modules were ready we rebuilt each website page and manually migrated over the website content, using the opportunity to optimize for user experience, SEO and to update CTAs as we went. It took about a week to plan, identify the data that needed to come over and get all the content ready to go. Another week was spent building the themes and templates. In the third week, we migrated the content, published and tested the staging pages and got client approval to launch. 

Rebuilding automation without automation tools

At this time, Extreme Molding also moved off of SharpSpring which was driving some of the automations and workflows triggered by form submissions. These could not be replicated in the HubSpot CMS without the Marketing Hub Pro tools (out of budget at the time of migration) so we got creative, leverage the numerous free sales and marketing tools available within the HubSpot CMS. Using a combination of forms, kickback emails with CTA buttons, dedicated landing pages, and other free sales and marketing tools in combination with the CMS tools gave us nearly full SharpSpring workflow functionality for Extreme Molding's use case. 

Example of a form submission thank you page with the next step of the Buyer's Journey. The kickback email also includes CTA buttons with important next steps to help semi-automation the journey. 


With active lists we were able to segment those who needed more attention, such as visitors who indicated they have a CAD file but haven’t uploaded it yet and those who said they wanted to execute and NDA but hadn’t uploaded one yet, which made it easier for the sales team to identify who to follow up with and prioritize. 

Results: A New Website in 3 Weeks with Process Automation (at a Lower Cost, too)

We got the green light to move forward with the website build and the clock was ticking! The previous agency had given 30 days notice on the website shutdown and we had to make sure we were ready to go live before that deadline hit. With all hands on deck, we worked quickly while prioritizing the time to build the site to best practice. We built a new custom theme, new modules, built new forms and CTAs, created custom properties needed for segmentation and contact migration, migrated the existing contacts and kickback emails, and were ready to launch in under a month. 

The affordability of HubSpot CMS and the ability to get rid of the SharpSpring subscription meant that Extreme Molding was able to pay less per month for subscriptions than they were before. 

Bonus Results: Increased Organic Traffic on HubSpot CMS

Any new website launch brings SEO risks that you might lose the rankings that you had before. However, we are very pleased to report that since launching we have seen a 109% increase in monthly organic traffic in September compared to pre-launch. Needless to say, our client was thrilled with the results and is looking forward to expanding their organic reach even further with inbound marketing

HubSpot organic traffic growth

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Moving from WordPress to HubSpot CMS

Written by: CRO:NYX Team

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