Matomo and Brave Analytics Package

Capturing Brave Campaign Analytics

Written by: CRO:NYX Team

Published: 11 May, 2024

Setting the Scene: Brave's Privacy-First is Great for Users

Users who use Brave are:

  • Early adopters of new ideas
  • Leaders, not followers
  • Interested in tech, cryptocurrency, gaming and travel

These users are the ideal ads audience for a range of businesses. 

Advertisers run ads on Brave to reach these audiences, and we want to help them to see their return on investment.

Challenge: Measuring Ads without Cookies

Advertisers want to see insights from their ads and users want a privacy-first browser. Currently, Google Analytics doesn’t show the traffic when the cookies are blocked with Brave. This means, measuring the impact of Ads can be challenging. 

Matomo + Brave

Solution: First Party Cookies

Using Matomo Analytics - an alternative to Google Analytics - allows advertisers to use first party cookies. Matomo - like Brave - was designed with privacy in mind. You own the data you collect via Matomo.

Data Comparison: One Day of Traffic on Matomo vs Google Analytics

Taking one day of non-boosted traffic as a sample, we see that Google Analytics missed 6,837 users (approximately 9.8% of the total users) recorded by Matomo. That nearly 10% margin of missing data could add up to significant drops in other key metrics and under-report your website performance. 

  Matomo Google Analytics
Number of users recorded: 69,283  62,446


Brave Takeover Traffic Missed by Google Analytics

Brave is a privacy focused browser and doing a browser takeover for your advertising will drive more traffic via the Brave browser - which might go almost entirely unrecognized in Google Analytics. Looking at real data from a takeover, we can see that GA4 shows only about 600 visitors for that day; it's a spike to be sure but not close to the numbers we'd be expecting from our Brave advertising investment. However, when we look at our first-party Matomo analytics we see that there were nearly 71k visitors on the day of our takeover! That's more inline with what we were hoping for from the takeover!! 

Matomo vs Google Analytics

Data Collected in Matomo, but Missed in GA4

Along with collecting the information on visits and users, we can dig in and learn a bit more about the visitor profile of those who engaged with your Brave ads and compare it against your regular user profile to assess performance.

Visitor insights Using Matomo

Digging into the visitor profile, we can gain an insight into the users we acquire from Brave Ads including their device, location, browser, session duration and pageviews. 

This can be helpful to identify high quality prospects based on their behavior and demographics.






Need Tracking for Your Brave Takeover?

Reach out! We'd love to work with you to help you set up your analytics to get more quality info out of them. 

Questions? Contact us! Work with an Analytics Specialist to get set up today. 

Matomo and Brave Analytics Package

Written by: CRO:NYX Team

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