How to Add AMP to a HubSpot Site

June 7, 2019 / by Tanya Wigmore

If you haven't already added AMP code to your HubSpot site you need to. Now. Like, RIGHT NOW. Here's how:

Applying AMP to your entire HubSpot blog

Hop on over to your settings (the little gear icon in the top navigation) then in your Settings page click on Website > Blog. Then, click on the Google AMP tab and make sure your little on/off slider says "ON" to enable Google AMP formatted page. 

Enabling Google AMP in HubSpotThat's it! Your HubSpot blog pages are now AMP enabled and ready to get that extra visibility in mobile search. What you might start seeing now is a little lightning bolt next to your mobile listings. This lightning bolt is designated for AMP content and indicates that its lightning fast (AMP = "Accelerated Mobile Pages" project). 

Google AMP in Mobile Search Results

Applying AMP to only specific blog posts

If you don't want AMP across your blog and want to only have it applied to certain blog posts, you can edit that setting in the individual blog post settings. 

Enabling AMP for only certain blog posts

As of publish date (June 12, 2019) HubSpot only has AMP enablement for blog posts but hopefully we'll see AMP roll out for website pages soon as it could be a huge impact on mobile website rankings!

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Tanya Wigmore

Written by Tanya Wigmore

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