CRO:NYX Digital Challenges Agency Status Quo, Brings Together Top Digital Talent

Industry heavy-weights are banding together in a new model for full-service marketing agencies. CRO:NYX Digital is bringing together the best of the best in a 100% remote agency that allows them provide better services with less overhead.

By leveraging a vetted network of industry experts for on-demand work, CRO:NYX Digital is able to overcome the challenge of finding talent in your geographic region, of relocation fees, and of the overhead of a large office - a cost that is often passed on to the client or absorbed by employees.

Company founder Tanya Wigmore believes that their secret to client success is being able to put the right people on the project. “Our remote, agile team allows us to bring on the right people to deliver the best services for every project. We can scale up or down as needed to ensure each client has an all-star team suited for their needs.” She cites the lack of diversified teams as one of the main reasons agencies struggle and believes that her global team can overcome that challenge. “We’re not relying on the same strategist or copywriter to deliver for each client.”

It’s clear that her approach is resounding with her clients; on the official opening date of April 20, 2019, CRO:NYX Digital already has a solid roster of clients for digital marketing services. “If we had to rely on hiring digital marketing experts in the Cayman Islands to fulfill our projects, we’d already be at capacity and turning clients away.” But with their global network, Wigmore is confident that capacity is much more flexible than that of a traditional agency.

CRO:NYX Digital is headquartered at 90 North Church St, George Town, Grand Cayman, and is currently taking on international digital marketing clients. For more information, contact Tanya Wigmore at CRO:NYX Digital.   

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Tanya Wigmore

Written by Tanya Wigmore

Tanya Wigmore is the founder of CRO:NYX Digital and is passionate about growing healthy teams and businesses. With an extensive background in inbound marketing, search marketing, web analytics, CRO & UX, she's always finding new ways to apply optimize and improve.